Idaho Semi-Private Golf Courses
Stoneridge Golf Course Blanchard 208/437-4682
Quail Hollow Golf Club Boise 208/344-7807
Clear Lake Country Club Buhl 208/543-4849
Terrace Lakes Resort Garden Valley 208/462-3250
Avondale Golf & Tennis Club Hayden Lake 208/772-5963
Jerome Country Club Jerome 208/324-5281
Links Golf Course, The Post Falls 208/777-7611
Twin Lakes Village Golf Course Rathdrum 888/836-7949
Jefferson Hills Golf & Recreation Rigby 208/745-6492
Elkhorn Resort Sun Valley Sun Valley 208/622-3300
Idaho Semi-Private 9 Hole Golf Courses
Vineyard Greens Golf Course Glenns Ferry 208/366-7531
Grangeville Country Club Grangeville 208/983-1299
Shoshone Golf & Tennis Club Kellogg 208/784-0161
Pleasant Valley Golf Course Kimberly 208/423-5800
Preston Golf & Country Club Preston 208/852-2408
Oregon Trail Country Club Soda Springs 208/547-2204

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Idaho Semi-Private Golf Courses

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Idaho Semi-Private Golf Courses

Idaho Private Golf Courses

Idaho Public 9 Hole Golf Courses

This golf course directory has been established to provide golfers with an easy to use list of golf course phone numbers and locations throughout the state. We have tried to accurately list all golf courses. If you know of a course that is missing, please let us know at

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